R-WORX One piece Forged wheels

The one piece forged wheels were developed by R-Worx for performance cars to achieve new standards of
performance by achieving very low wheel weights and moments of inertia whilst retaining great strength and
rigidity with the flexibility needed for both road and track use.

The wheels are made of forged 6061 aluminium, designed to reduce the moment of inertia. The forging is made
from a very special process, using a German made world’s largest Rotary forging press which exerts 300 tons
of pressure which makes the aluminium grain flow in pinwheel geometry and makes for a stronger wheel. The
process uses a solid metal mould which ensures that the wheels are consistently made to a very close tolerance
of accuracy straight from the tooling. Forged aluminium in this form is not onIy very strong, but is also quite
resistant to shock and thus will withstand potholes better than 3 piece wheels, it will bend under extreme shock
and then return to shape better than most cast metal wheels it is 33% stronger than 356 cast aluminium wheels.
The low weight but pinwheel geometry gives a very light weight to the wheel, significantly reducing the moment of
inertia. This saves a considerable amount of power in turning the wheel. Consider that a standard Porsche 997
GT3 19x12 factory wheels weighs about 31lbs, the R-WORX equivalent weighs around 22lbs saving about 36lbs
per car.

The effect on the car however, is much more than the static weight saving. The moment of inertia calculation is
based on the ratio of the mass multiplied by the square of the radius, meaning that as the diameter of the wheel
increases then the greater the energy consumption of increased weight becomes. Therefore with the R-WORX
wheel the much reduced wheel weight has the effect of at least 3 times the static weight reduction, meaning that
the feel on the car performance is of taking out 2 adult passengers!!

The effect of
R-WORX forged aluminium wheels when fitted to the car is to reduce the gyroscope effect of the
wheel this gives the following effects:

  • Improved acceleration
  • Improved braking, reduced stopping distance
  • Lighter, sharper steering, gives better feel and more responsive handling.
  • Allows for softer damper settings giving more tyre contact & therefore better grip.
  • Tire temperatures and pressures are more stable
  • Improved wheel & tire balancing
  • Fuel consumption reduces

Added to which the looks are simply stunning! The R-WORX Forged one piece wheels can be colour coded to
the vehicle for added impact too.

The wheels are affordable, but then the performance advantages are the best value tuning to be bought for any vehicle,
the materials used are of the highest quality.

Care and maintenance of the wheels is very easy, the forged wheels need only normal car washing procedures with
detergents in water. The finish responds well to car body polishes and waxes.

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